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NFTs Wearables in the Metaverse

The world of the Metaverse and NTFs is growing exponentially every day, incorporating other types of technologies to make users feel empowered to customize their digital avatars in the virtual world. In this context, NFT wearables and accessories for personalization come into play.

What are NFT wearables?

The first question that everyone asks is, can you bring assets from the real world into the virtual world? The answer is yes. In simple terms, NFTs wearables are digital accessories such as glasses, watches, chains, necklaces, and clothing styles such as dresses, jackets, bags, backpacks, etc.

These elements are created and supported thanks to blockchain technology, which guarantees that each accessory is unique and allows the user to have digital ownership of it.

These types of accessories are currently promoted by celebrities, influencers and big brands that try to promote exclusive wearables in the virtual market of the Metaverse. An example of this is Louis Viutton, who already has a game in the metaverse where users can collect NFTs from his products. It is estimated that by 2030 the market of NFT accessories will reach $56 billion.

NFTs on real accessories

Now that smartwatches have more modern and detailed screens, they can display user-purchased NFTs art to personalize their watches. It works in the same way as traditional NFTs (guaranteed to be unique and authentic) and can be displayed on the person’s wrist through their preferred wearable. Nike, for example, has released sneakers with unique designs guaranteed by blockchain, making them collector’s items for fans of the brand.

Skins and Fortnite

The popular video game has managed to be one of the titles that has sold the most skins in the industry, a market estimated at 40 billion per year. These skins, which always existed in the world of video games as free rewards, and give a character an exclusive look, are now profitable goods that users are willing to pay to stand out from the rest.

These types of skins or unique clothing items are also appearing more and more frequently in Decentraland and in Sandbox, among other platforms that allow its users to dress and use exclusive accessories in their virtual worlds.

A profitable market

Something that has been proven over the years with video games as well as social networks, people like personalization, whether physical or digital. NFTs wearables help this and create a very profitable market where everyone can let their imaginations run wild and find accessories that really express their true selves. The popularity of these digital goods is increasing thanks to the fact that there are accessories for all body types, which generates infinite inclusivity. Unleash creativity while reducing traditional production waste. All this supported by different monetization models adaptable to all needs. And finally, the exclusive ownership of a unique digital item that is unparalleled in the metaverse.

How to start?

If your brand is interested in entering this market, the way to do it is easier than it seems. Already mentioned platforms such as Decentraland have tutorials and step-by-step guides for brands and companies to take their first leap into the wearable world.

With knowledge of 3D modeling, artists and designers can create unique clothing items to sell on one of many virtual platforms or in their own metaverse store.

August 15, 2022


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